Sports Pre/Post Event Massage

30 MINUTES £30 - 60 MINUTES £45 - 90 MINUTES £65

For professional and amateur athletes, pre-event massage helps to prepare muscles to perform at their maximum potential while post-event massage removes toxins and waste products to minimise the after-effects of a workout. Please note, this is not for the treatment of sporting injuries - please seek a remedial or physio therapist for sporting injury rehabilitation.

When to come for a sports pre/post event massage:

·         When you are an active sportsperson - professional or amateur

·         To warm-up before an event - can be up to 2 days prior

·         To wind-down after an event or workout

·         To reduce risk of injury or delayed-onset-muscle-soreness

Treatment times:

If you are looking for a quick once-over before an event, the treatment can be tailored to fit the full-body into 30 minutes. This is advised for pre-event as a longer session may leave you feeling too relaxed. Generally, 60 minutes will allow for a good post-event treatment that can reduce the aches and pains that come from competing and working out.

Further Information:

If you have tight, tense areas that need specific work, you may want to consider a deep tissue massage which works deep in the layers of muscle and can focus on aches and pains built up over time from overuse, postural issues and working environments.

Do not come for a sports pre/post event massage if you are suffering from a muscular, sporting or spinal injury. Consult with your GP whether physiotherapy, or remedial massage may be best suited for your rehabilitation.

There will be times where it might not be safe to have a treatment, so in the interests of your care and well-being please visit the client information page if you have any health concerns.


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Sporting Event Treatment

Sports Pre/Post Event Massage

This massage can help active sportspeople perform at their maximum potential and can assist the competitor to recover from

Benefits of Sporting Event Massage Therapy

1. Allow for Peak Performance

2. Reduces Risk of Injury during an Event

3. Removes Waste Products

4. Reduce Tension, Pain, Stiffness and Lack of Mobility

5. Reduce Recovery Time