Block Booking - Massage

5x 60 minute treatments £200

A block of 5 treatments which can be used whenever an appointment is available. Mix and match massage styles to suit your mood that week. Deep tissue, relaxation or classic Swedish massage, the choice is yours.


Block Booking - Reiki

5x 60 minute treatments £200

5 classic hour-long Reiki sessions which can be used whenever an appointment is available. Many clients find regular Reiki treatments benefit their mind, body and spirit as the energies received have an accumulative effect. Also, some conditions, whether mental, emotional or spiritual, need more than one session to unblock and balance.


Block booking can be purchased for any treatments and treatments can be mix and matched to suit your preferences so please get in touch through the contact page to arrange a package that's perfect for you.


There will be times where it might not be safe to have a treatment, so in the interests of your care and well-being please visit the client information page if you have any health concerns.

Massage and Fertility Treatments in Glasgow and Kilmarnock.



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Massage and Reiki - Block Booking

Block Booking

Save money by block booking your treatments. Whether you are looking for massage therapy to help with muscular tension, or Reiki energy therapy to sooth stress and emotional trauma, treatments aren't always a 1-shot fix. The benefits of holistic therapies are accumulative, and a course of treatments will be far more beneficial than just a stand-alone session. Booking a course of 5 treatments will allow you to experience the full effects of what your chosen therapy can do for you.