Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage Therapy

Initial Treatment 90 minutes £60  -  Follow-up Massage 60 minutes £40


Fertility massage is a deep; yet gentle, non-invasive abdominal and sacral therapy that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal organs, with an aim to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow.

The massage also focuses on releasing physical and emotional tension, helping to loosen harden debris (that has been accumulating in your gut for years) encouraging a natural movement and clearing both physical and emotional congestion, leaving you and your abdomen feeling lighter and freer.

A range of massage techniques coupled with powerful Reiki energy soothes and revitalises the digestive and reproductive organs allowing you to reconnect with your body’s natural rhythms.


Other techniques included are:


Why Focus on Reproductive, Digestive & Lower Back?

Our abdominal cavity is serviced by the same neural pathways, connecting the organs, muscles and connective tissue of the reproductive and digestive systems along with the lower back muscles. If one organ or muscle is misaligned, blocked or damaged by scar tissue – all the others will be disrupted, and can, in turn, send the whole body into disarray.

It is important to note that 80% of our immune system lives within our digestive tract, immunity, digestion and fertility are closely linked. Therefore, it is important to massage and treat the whole torso area, aiming to achieve Homeostasis!

After your initial treatment, you will be given access to many resources aimed at improving fertility and general womb health which includes information on castor oil packs, yoni steams, menstrual charting and fertility lifestyle advice.


Further Information

For more information on the benefits of fertility massage visit my blog and the website of Clare Blake - the founder of fertility massage

Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage does not claim to cure or diagnose any medical conditions, nor does it replace any medical care that you are under. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your Doctor or Health Care Professional.

Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage is a complementary therapy that supports women during all stages of their reproductive life. There are no pregnancy guarantees from receiving Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage.


There will be times where it might not be safe to have a treatment, so in the interests of your care and well-being please visit the client information page if you have any health concerns.

Massage and Fertility Treatments in Glasgow and Kilmarnock.


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Fertility Massage

Fertility massage isn’t just for those looking to conceive a child. This gentle therapy is also aimed at general reproductive and digestive health. Perfect for those looking to reduce PMS symptoms, improve issues with their digestion and elimination, and release emotional blockages in their energy systems. The massage therapist will use a range of techniques suited to your aims.

Benefits of Fertility Massage:

1. Improves Digestion

2. Relieves PMS Symptoms & Eases Menstrual Disorders

3. Releases Old Emotional Trauma

4. Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression

5. Reduces Muscular Tension