What is Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage?





What is Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage?

Do you suffer from reproductive, digestive or emotional issues? Are you trying to conceive but have concerns about your fertility? Some women are at a loss as to how to reconnect with their femininity and realign in harmony with their body’s natural rhythms; do you feel like you are out of touch with your body?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage could be the answer that you are looking for.

Many women struggle daily with reproductive, digestive and emotional issues such as painful or irregular periods, PMS, bladder or yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, constipation, stress, anxiety, and trauma from previous miscarriages, stillbirths and emotional upheaval. This can leave us feeling depressed, disconnected and unfulfilled in our lives.

With stress becoming a modern-day epidemic (1,2,3), with the foods we eat becoming less and less nutritious (4,5,6), with our household products containing multiple toxic chemicals (7,8,9), and with inflammatory (10,11,12,13)  and auto-immune conditions (14) on the rise it’s no wonder that 1 in 7 women in the UK (15) have difficulty conceiving.

Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage could help to alleviate the issues that are causing distress and help to resolve the emotional traumas behind our conditions. Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage is a blend of modalities ranging from the ancient teachings of Maya massage, through energy healing practices, to the abdominal and sacral techniques created by founder Clare Blake; an expert in her field (16). Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage is a non-invasive, deep; yet gentle therapy which works on improving circulation in the abdominal organs. This can increase blood, nerve and lymph flow revitalising the natural processes that keep us fit and healthy.

The restorative massage movements coupled with energy techniques allow tense muscles and tight fascia to unwind, allowing sustenance and life to return to the abdominal organs. The nerve supply is stimulated and energetic blocks are released which further promotes good digestive and reproductive health.

On an emotional level, this treatment can take you on a journey of discovery and healing. Many women report (17) feeling shifts in their emotional state and experience energetic releases which allow them to come to terms with issues which have been holding them back from a healthy and balanced view of themselves and their femininity.

Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage isn’t just about the massage itself, simple to follow home-care routines can be explored to enhance the treatment and promote further womb health. Every client is given access to a wealth of information which is the result of years of research into fertility, reproductive and digestive well-being. More information on Fertility Massage Therapy™ can be found on Clare Blake’s own web page: http://www.fertilitymassage.co.uk/fertility-massage/

In today’s fast-paced stressful climate, and with IVF success rates sitting at only 32.2% (18), it makes sense for women to turn to a more holistic option for improving their chances at conceiving. Not only can the techniques work on a physical level, but they can also re-ignite a deep inner connection which can nourish and improve the emotional states governing our reproductive health (19,20). Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage may help to get to the root cause of personal issues, allowing for a harmonious and balanced mind, body and spirit.

If you are interested in receiving Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage in Glasgow, get in touch with me, Elaine Wilson, today at www.elainewilsontherapies.co.uk to discuss your options for receiving treatment and to be placed on the waiting list for your first session.

Issues which may be aided with Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage:

Reproductive problems:

·         Fertility problems

·         PMS/Depression before menstruation

·         Migraines

·         Painful or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation

·         Bladder or yeast infections

·         Miscarriages or difficult pregnancies

·         Pre-menopause or menopause symptoms

·         Ovarian and breast cysts

·         Abnormal uterine bleeding

·         Fibroids

Digestive problems:

·         IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

·         Bloating

·         Constipation

·         Diarrhoea

·         Stomach cramps

Emotional problems:

·         Stress

·         Held-in emotions

·         Sexual trauma

·         Miscarriages/stillbirths

·         Childhood traumas

·         Maternal problems


Techniques during a standard treatment include:

  • Abdominal Sacral Massage
  • Pulsing
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Castor Oil Packs
  • Flower Remedies
  • Rebozo Technique
  • Reiki energy therapy


Some of the many benefits of Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage:

·         Improved circulation to the reproductive and digestive organs

·         May boost immunity

·         May help to balance hormones

·         May aid in the reduction of scar tissue

·         May aid in re-positioning a tilted uterus

·         May aid in the removal of old menstrual blood trapped in the uterus

·         Can help women re-connect with their womb

·         Can promote emotional balance and release

·         Can reduce stress and ease tension


Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage does not claim to cure or diagnose any medical conditions, nor does it replace any medical care that you are under. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your Doctor or Health Care Professional.

Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage is a complementary therapy that supports women during all stages of their reproductive life. There are no pregnancy guarantees from receiving Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage.



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