The Heart Chakra – How Essential Oils Open the Heart Chakra.

The Anahata, or heart chakra, is the 4th primary chakra. In Sanskrit Anahata means "unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten".

The heart chakra is an air element, meaning it is connected closely with the breath and movement. Not only physical movement, but also the transient. Transformation and change, forgiveness and acceptance, the integration of insights, and grieving and finding peace are processes which we all move through with the aid of our Anahata.

The heart is the birthplace of deep, meaningful relationships and you experience unconditional love and acceptance through the vibrations of this chakra. It is a place of compassion, appreciation of beauty, and a place of harmony. True, inexpressible joy and endless sorrow can reside within.

The heart chakra bridges the higher and lower chakras; it is the meeting point of earthly and spiritual endeavours. The integration of heart-centred discernment allows you to bring balance into your life harmonising the physical and ethereal aspects of your being.

An open heart chakra can allow for deep and meaningful connections to be made; a sense of connectedness to all things which brings inner peace and emotional clarity.

When the heart chakra is closed, feelings of withdrawal, jealousy, anger and a sense of being closed off from the universe can manifest. Respiratory ailments, and heart and circulatory issues are linked with a closed heart chakra.

An essential oil blend of jasmine, geranium and lavender is a soothing and gentle tonic for the heat chakra. The relaxing properties of these essential oils work with the heart chakra to influence the ability to give and receive love in a healthy way. They aid relaxation, promote emotional well-being, and resonate deeply within the heart encouraging unconditional love.

But how do the oils assist in opening the heart chakra itself? Well, not only do the oils themselves vibrate in harmony with the rhythms of the heart energy, they also have a very real and beneficial effect on the associated organs, tissues and emotional states governed by the heart chakra.

The endocrine gland associated with the heart chakra is the thymus gland whose main function is to mature white blood cells in order to supply the immune system with its much-needed defenders and destroyers of invading bacteria and viruses.

The thymus gland also stimulates the master gland – the pituitary gland – and the adrenal glands to produce hormones which aid in growth and sexual development. It is essential for good reproductive health and a well-functioning central nervous system.

The synergistic properties of jasmine, geranium and lavender essential oils are a powerful immune system booster, and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components can help to protect the body from harm.

Along with the thymus gland, the heart chakra is also linked with heart, lungs, circulatory system, blood, diaphragm, breasts, arms and hands. Below you will see a list of the properties of each essential oil relevant to these organs and tissues. The more oils that aid the same issue, the more powerful the effect.



*Note that many inflammatory conditions such as heart disease and arthritis may be aided by the anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils.

On an emotional level, the heart chakra is linked with hate, envy, fear, jealousy, anger, shyness, lack of empathy and poor boundaries. All three essential oils are effective anti-depressants and mood boosters. They are known to reduce stress and anxiety, and help in balancing the hormones. Jasmine aids in regulating cognitive emotional responses while geranium is known to help in curbing anger.

It can be seen, that this is an effective and well sought-after blend for bringing the heart chakra and its associated elements into harmonious balance. Simply roll a dilution over the pulse points and onto the heart chakra itself to experience the calm and soothing effects for yourself.

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Written by Elaine Wilson, Glasgow, UK - Massage and holistic therapies in Glasgow - Massage and Fertility Treatments in Strathbungo and Queens Park, South Side, Glasgow and Kilmarnock Scotland.