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Choose 3 of your favourite treatments to create your own experience. The 90 minutes is split into three 30-minute tasters to let you try something new, something you know you love, or something a bit different.

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Deep Tissue Massage

50 MINUTES £30

A therapeutic massage therapy that will ease out tension deep in the muscles. From stiff shoulders to tight calves, the slow but strong techniques can leave you feeling that sense of relief which comes from finally releasing the knots and aches that have built up over time.

For more information visit the Deep Tissue Massage page.

Neal's Yard Organic Beauty Facial

50 MINUTES £30

A luxury facial that uses Neal's Yard natural, organic products specially selected to suit your skin type. Specific uplifting massage movements are used to lift and tighten facial muscles while the organic products cleanse, tone and moisturise leaving you with fresh, youthful and glowing skin.

Facial massage not only helps to eliminate toxins, it also helps to increase circulation which increases collagen production, giving a healthy and natural glow to the skin.

For more information visit the Facial Treatments page.

Pure Indulgence Massage and Facial Combo

90 MINUTES £56

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage and Our Neal’s Yard Deluxe Facial.  Loved by all, the  Back, Neck and Shoulder treatment will ease tired muscles whilst the Deluxe facial will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with your skin glowing and you feeling just wonderful.

Head-To-Toe - Head, Body and Foot Massage

90 MINUTES £56

A truly luxurious therapy treatment that covers your whole body. From a soothing scalp massage, past your aching shoulders, down to your finger-tips and tired toes, this head-to-toe covers all the parts of you that need a little tender loving care.


Massage Special Offers in Kilmarnock

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Reproductive, Digestive and Fertility Massage Therapy


Fertility massage is a deep; yet gentle, non-invasive abdominal and sacral therapy that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal organs, with an aim to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow.

The massage also focuses on releasing physical and emotional tension, helping to loosen harden debris (that has been accumulating in your gut for years) encouraging a natural movement and clearing both physical and emotional congestion, leaving you and your abdomen feeling lighter and freer.

A range of massage techniques coupled with powerful Reiki energy soothes and revitalises the digestive and reproductive organs allowing you to reconnect with your body’s natural rhythms.

For more information visit the Fertility Massage Page.

Natural "Face Lift" Rejuvenation Massage

40 MINUTES - £28

What is Natural Lift Facial Massage?

A refreshing treatment perfect for that 'pampered and rejuvenated' feeling. Natural Lift Facial Massage incorporates techniques drawn from both Japanese and Indian Face Massage; also known as Facial Rejuvenation or Natural Face lift.

The treatment involves a sequence of massage techniques which act as a natural face lift with no need for surgery. It is an effective natural alternative to invasive surgical procedures and chemical treatments; many clients report looking, and even feeling, younger.

For more information visit the Facial Treatments Page.

Crystal Therapy

50 MINUTES - £30

During this soothing and blissful treatment specially selected crystals are placed both on the chakras and around the body stimulating natural self-healing. Crystal Therapy is an ancient treatment which works with the natural vibrational power of crystals and gemstones to facilitate good health and well-being. Crystal healing is a safe, non-invasive, holistic therapy which restores balance on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

For more information visit the Reiki and Crystal Therapy page.

There will be times where it might not be safe to have a treatment, so in the interests of your care and well-being please visit the client information page if you have any health concerns.

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